Cryptocurrency is gradually taking off as one way to pay for vacation getaways
Cryptocurrency is gradually taking off as one way to pay for vacation getaways

Shiba Inu Can Now Be Used to Book Over Two Million Hotels

Travala, a crypto-friendly travel website, has added support for the popular meme-based cryptocurrency

Speculative cryptocurrency Shiba Inu has been in the news lately due to its spectacular rise, and the recent announcement by the Indian government about a ban on most cryptocurrencies.

We hear that the popular meme-based SHIB can now be used to book more than three million travel products worldwide (including flights, hotels, and travel packages) via leading blockchain-based travel booking platform, Travala. The site lists 2,200,000 properties spread across 90,124 destinations.

The decision was taken after a contest of sorts launched by the website - a 'token war' between FLOKI and SHIB via a poll which got 4.9 million votes. It was announced that the cryptocurrency with the most votes after 72 hours will win a listing on The company also said that &ldquoAll users who vote for either token will receive a share of $15,000 in AVA, which will be dispersed in accordance with the votes cast.&rdquo

SHIB emerged as the winner in the contest with 3.4 million votes.

Increasingly, travel platforms and suppliers like Travala have been accepting bitcoin, dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Founded in 2017, Travala has grown to be the world&rsquos leading blockchain-based travel booking platform. It is backed by cryptocurrency exchange Binance. &ldquoWe pride ourselves on being the leading cryptocurrency-friendly accommodation booking platform,&rdquo states their website.&nbspUsers can pay with 77 cryptocurrencies, including the meme cryptocurrency dogecoin (DOG) and the newly listed SHIB.

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