Schoolcations, Another Trend for the New Normal

The pandemic has redefined the way we travel and work. And now how we study as well
Parents are looking for places with high-speed internet
Parents are looking for places with high-speed internet

The pandemic and the resulting six-month global lockdown forced many places to shut down, including schools. Real time classes gave way to online versions (you haven&rsquot quite lived a lockdown life if you haven&rsquot witnessed a Zoom online class). 

This overnight transition has impacted schoolgoers, whose outdoor hours,play time etc were cut down.

Now with the world gradually getting back on its feet, &lsquoschoolcations&rsquo are the new thing. The concept involves schooling while travelling, or taking a vacation at a place to refresh minds, while staying connected with homework. 

It's being driven by parents who too are weary of being shut inside their homes for months, and desperately need a break.

Workcations are already a big thing. Reports say that parents are increasingly choosing schoolcations, looking for places with high-speed, good quality internet connections. This trend have been grabbing attention in the US, as many hotels and even premium properties have been taking it into consideration and offering the best possible amenities.

Trends like these where people work and learn remotely seem to be not just a hot new travel trend, but perhaps are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. 

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