Schengen Visa Prices To Increase In 2020

Here is how much it will cost to visit Europe now
Travelling to Europe just became more expensive
Travelling to Europe just became more expensive

If you are planning to visit Europe this year, rethink your budget. Your trip has just become a tad bit more expensive. The Schengen visa, needed for 26 European countries, is increasing its application fee. This visa is needed for countries like Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, and Iceland among others. The new rates, effective from 2 February 2020, will be applicable for all countries and not just India (as of now, 1 Euro is equivalent of 78.79 Indian Rupees). The visa fee is being raised from Euro 60 to Euro 80 for adults and from Euro 35 to Euro 40 for children between 6 to 12 years of age. There is no fee for infants.

The Schengen visa is needed for tourism and transit, business travellers, for official visits, short-term study and medical tourism. The new rules also lay down a larger application period travellers can now submit their requests six months prior to the trip. The fee hike will help the EU regulate irregular migration, amp up their security protocols and also speed up the application process. The new mandate will also make travelling to Europe easier for frequent travellers, allowing an easier approach for multiple-entry visas for travellers with a positive visa history.  

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