Airport Without An Air Traffic Control Tower

The Scandinavian Mountains Airport will have a virtual one
Representative Image An air traffic control tower
Representative Image An air traffic control tower

The Scandinavian Mountains Airport (SCR), located on the border of the largest alpine ski areas of Sweden (S&aumllen) and Norway (Trysil), is slated to become one of the first in the world with a remote-controlled air traffic control tower, when it opens on December 22, 2019. The airport will not have an air traffic control tower built on its premises.

According to media reports, operating through remote controlled tower is a growing trend in many parts of the world, especially where small airports do not see much traffic.

For the Scandinavian Mountains Airport, the air traffic control system will be operated by controllers through a remote system located about 300 km away in Sundsvall, which is already operating remote controlled towers for two other small airports in the region. The controllers have a bank of screens in front while cameras and special sensors at the Scandinavian Mountains Airport will help the controllers manage air traffic and offer guidance.

SCR is expected to ease travel for snow enthusiasts flying from Denmark, southern Sweden and the United Kingdom to visit Scandinavia&rsquos leading winter sports area. Scandinavian Mountains Airport is just 25 minutes from S&aumllen and 40 minutes from Trysil.

For the 2019-2020 winter season, SAS, Scandinavia&rsquos leading airline, is going to start direct flights from Copenhagen, Aalborg and London to Scandinavian Mountains Airport. A total of four new return flights a week will operate to and from S&aumllen/Trysil. According to the authorities, SAS will operate flights to Scandinavian Mountains Airport starting on December 29 this year from Denmark and December 28 from the United Kingdom. Services from Denmark and the United Kingdom will operate during the winter season until Easter. The flying time from Copenhagen and Aalborg to S&aumllen/Trysil is about 1 hour and 20 minutes, while the flight from London takes about two hours.

Scandinavian Mountains Airport has been initiated and is owned by the local business community.

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