A Soulful Virtual Music Concert To Support Folk Artists Of Jaisalmer

Rhythm of Desert will support folk artists from the Langa, Manganiyar, Bhatt, Bhopa, and Kalbeliya communities who have been affected by the pandemic
Enjoy western Rajasthan's folk tradition virtually
Enjoy western Rajasthan's folk tradition virtually

Sagacious IP, along with BookMyShow, has organised a three-day virtual music festival to support folk artists from different communities in the Jaisalmer region. Called Rhythm of Desert, the fundraiser will&nbspkick off on June 4 with 36 famous artists performing the folk music of western Rajasthan. The&nbspproceeds from this event will be used to provide aid to over 2,000 folk artists in the state, including the communities of&nbspLanga, Manganiyar, Bhatt, Bhopa, and Kalbeliya.

The three-day long music festival will see live performances from stalwarts of western Rajasthani folk music. Legends like Padmashri nominee Anwar Khan Manganiyar and Barkat Khan Chhatangar (State and National Awardee) will serenade audiences with folk songs that go back 200 years.

Prodigal talents like Sartaj Khan, Sarwar Khan, and Thanu Khan (the 7-year-old Sony Superstar singer) will leave you mesmerised with their renditions of traditional songs sung through the ages by Rajasthan's tribes. Apart from that, other legendary artists like Indian Idol singer Sattar Khan Langa, who was a part of the Salim-Sulaiman musical world tour as the lead singer, Maati Ke Laal and SaReGaMaPa's Roje Khan and Hayat Khan, Sindhi sarangi player Meherdin Langha, along with Kalbeliya performers, will present a unique rendition of their state's folk music and art through the concert. 

Indian audiences can register here. International audiences can register here.

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