The 35th Anniversary Of Utmost Crazy Coming Soon

If your idea of travel is food, sports, alcohol and absurdity, its time to spend your savings and clear your September calendar for a trip to France
The registration for the wine marathon in France are now open
The registration for the wine marathon in France are now open

Since 1984, every September, the beautiful vineyards and chateaux of Bordeaux witness the longest, most unusual marathon of the world. Almost 10,000 people from more than 50 nations race in fancy costumes in the scorching heat of Medoc, drinking their way to the finish line.

Only a kilometre into the six and a half hours long run, the participants come across their first wine tasting point. Everyone grabs a glass, everyone takes a sniff and everyone finishes the drink to run again with only one question asked, &ldquored or white&rdquo With 23 such stops throughout the 26.2 miles run, the race track, in fact, seems to be an elaborate wine tasting festival than anything else. The event is a gala lined with approximately 50 orchestras enchanting the entire route. Along with a number of medical assistants, the course is lined with offers of nuts, popcorn, biscuits, chocolates, fruits, candy-floss, ice creams and brilliant oysters over the last few turns.

For the 35th anniversary of the marathon this year, the organisers came up with the most gripping theme of &ldquoSuperheroes.&rdquo Thousands of people in their superhero costumes will be seen running with buzz and excitement to collect the goodies, waiting for them at the end of the race, which will obviously include more wine. Taking part in the most absurd race of all, drinking, eating and enjoying the scenic beauty of Medoc while running with the crowds is one of the most ecstatic experiences in the world, the kind no traveller should miss.

The registrations for 2019 start this month on the official website of Le Marathon Des Chateaux Du Medoc.

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