Prepare For A Visual Treat With The Rasas Of Indian Art

This exhibition is the place to be if you are looking for something that encapsulates the journey of Indian art
An untitled piece, ink on paper, by Ram Kumar will be on show
An untitled piece, ink on paper, by Ram Kumar will be on show

If you&rsquore looking for quality art steeped in authentic Indian flavour then the &lsquoRasas of Indian Art&rsquo exhibition is for you. With skilled artists from all over the country coming together to showcase their art, the exhibition is a rendezvous between art connoisseurs and artists. 

The exhibition, organised by Art Spice gallery in collaboration with Art Magnum, aims at chronicling the journey of Indian artists in both the pre and post Independence era. Through the works of contemporary artists the exhibition attempts to showcase how Indian art has evolved through the ages. The exhibition will display works from experienced modern artists such as S H Raza, M F Husain, Ram Kumar, F N Souza, T Vaikuntam, K G Subramanyan, Ram Kinker Baij and Jamini Roy among others. A celebration of art, each and every artwork at the exhibition will showcase the Indian aesthetic theory of 'Rasas'. Ranging from flavours of laughter and delight to sorrow and anger, each artwork will be representative of these Rasas which can be analysed and interpreted in their work. 

The exhibition which revolves around the central theme of Rasas, will be held at the Art Spice Gallery in The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, New Delhi. This exhibition will take place from November 30, 2019 to January 3, 2020 and will be open from 10am till 7pm on all days.

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