Rajasthans Tourism Department Announces Two Initiatives For Travellers

After securing an impressive profit from Palace On Wheels, the states tourism department looks to launch helicopter and taxi services for tourists
Aerial view of Udaipur
Aerial view of Udaipur
There&rsquos no doubt that Rajasthan sets the bar high for travellers seeking unique experiences. With its diverse landscapes and hospitality carried on fervently from its royal past, the state promises more and more during each visit. 
Keeping in mind Rajasthan&rsquos popularity among travellers, the Rajasthan Tourism Department Corporation has announced favourable initiatives that are sure to increase the state&rsquos appeal and boost tourism. 
New  Initiatives
At a press conference on November 30, they announced that they&rsquod begin RTDC taxi services that will also offer tour packages for popular destinations like Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur and more. 
In addition, they would also be starting helicopter services across popular locales like Khatu Shyam ji, Bharatpur Sanctuary, and Sariska, among others. The number of places on this list will increase gradually as they progress. However, for the time being, the plan is to commence these services from sites that already have existing helipads. With these initiatives, the department aims to boost tourism and make these areas easily accessible for travellers. 
Other Developments 
In the board meeting&ndashattended by the Chairman of RTDC, Shri Dharmendra Rathore, and other prominent members from the department&ndashseveral vital developments, such as the INR 125 Million profit generated by the Palace On Wheels, the only royal in the world to have resumed operations post-pandemic were also discussed. 
In addition, other employee-friendly actions were also discussed and decided upon. The department has announced that it will clear pending promotions of hotel management staff, engineers and minister cadre staff and try to make contractual workers permanent. 

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