Keeping India Clean, Little By Little

The plastic free movement has taken India by storm with Puducherry the latest state to announce the ban of single-use plastic
Puducherry had announced the ban of single-use plastic starting on March 1
Puducherry had announced the ban of single-use plastic starting on March 1

The use of plastic has become a large problem in India. Everywhere you see piles of plastic garbage flood the roads contributing to an unimaginable amount of pollution. The plastic which can't be recycled are often left to rot in the landfills further harming the environment. To get rid of this issue permanently, the Puducherry government has put a permanent ban on single-use plastic. 

In a bid to preserve the gorgeous natural environment of the tourist-friendly state, the state government's decision has been widely lauded. Inspired by the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu which announced a ban on plastic at the turn of the new year, the Chief Minsiter of Puducherry recently said he wants to gift a plastic-free home to the future generations.

The government has started to carry out massive campaigns in the state to caution the locals of the ill-effects of plastic. The Airport Authority of India (AAI) had previously announced the ban of single-use plastic in 129 airports with the motion already in place in 16. The country as a whole has taken to plastic ban positively with 20 states/Union Territories implementing complete bans and 5 partial ones. This includes states such as Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal, among others. 

While the prohibition might have a spiraling effect on many industries, it will surely go a long in helping preserve the environment of Puducherry, and ultimately, all of India. 

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