Presenting the All-New Airbnb Adventures

Have you ever wanted to boat and trek through the Amazon rainforest or camp on a cliffside suspended 200 feet in the air
A climber in his hanging camp sleeps on the side of a mountain
A climber in his hanging camp sleeps on the side of a mountain

If you have sharp recall, you may recollect Airbnb experiences, if not, not to worry, allow us to jog your memory. About 3 years ago Airbnb went beyond the realm of accommodation bookings and launched Airbnb Experiences. A platform intended for booking activities with knowledgeable and experienced locals.

Airbnb is now ready to step it up a few rungs with Airbnb Adventures, this is targeted at those individuals who tend to stay away from guided tours and bank more on the do-it-yourself model. Airbnb Adventures hopes to capture a little tapped market, offering thrilling adventures to hard-to-reach destinations, hosted by seasoned individuals. Options range from 200 trips spanning six continents, with trips lasting from 2 days to 10 days in length.

Has kayaking of a remote corner of the Baltic Coast in Sweden, in search of foraged food ingredients, to cook meals with a seasoned &ldquowilderness chef&rdquo been on your agenda If not, then perhaps a short weekend trip wherein you partake in cliff camping in Estes Park, Colorado, all while suspended in your tent, 200 feet mid-air would be more your speed

Head of Airbnb travel, Joe Zadeh divulged further, Airbnb was seeking to offer experiences that took people outside of their comfort zones, ones that result in personal growth rather than ticking sights of a list. Such holidays, Joe believes result in people &ldquogetting back to the airplane, and realising that they are the same person they were before", whereas, "With Airbnb Experiences and Airbnb Adventures, we try to take people into new communities &mdash places off the beaten path. We find that when you do get pushed out of your comfort zone, you come back not having checked off a bunch of landmarks, but in some ways, have become a slightly different person&rdquo.

These transformative itineraries also come at a wide range of price points with overnight trips starting at $80 whereas a 10 day voyage could run to $5,000. These prices cover accommodations, meals, transportation and above all &ndash the gear. Airbnb experiences are planned for small groups, with max number of groups members capped at 12 people.

So if you have always wanted to plan that off-beat, daring holiday but have lacked the resources or equipment or know-how to do so, then its Airbnb Adventures to the rescue

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