Potterheads Can Now Spend The Night In Godrics Hollow
Potterheads Can Now Spend The Night In Godrics Hollow

Potterheads Can Now Spend The Night In Godrics Hollow

The quaint little cottage is where it all began. Harry Potters childhood home is now available on rent for a night stay

Our obsession with a certain boy wizard has redefined fandom altogether. The Harry Potter franchise might have come to an end a while ago, but that is no deterrent for the die-hard fans. The series has captured the imagination of millions of millennials who grew up with the boy wizard. From fan theories to quizzes, this magical world has taken the internet by storm. Having  re-read the books and watched the movies over and over again, we get why it&rsquos so popular. With the recent arrival of the spinoff &lsquoFantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them&rsquo, there&rsquos new found excitement. 

Fans have often wondered, what it&rsquos like to walk through the corridors of Hogwarts, enjoy a meal in the great hall, or laze around in the Gryffindor common room or the Slytherin dungeons. Well, these childhood dreams are not far from reality anymore. 

Godric&rsquos Hollow, a fictional village once inhabited by wizarding families like the Dumbledores&rsquo, Potter&rsquos and historian Bathilda Bagshot can now be rented for a night. Da Vere House, a 14th century cottage served as the protagonist&rsquos childhood home in the film adaptation of the last book. Located in Lavenham, the property is available for bookings with bed and breakfast amenities. The heritage cottage features a two rentable rooms with regal four poster beds, a private sitting room with timber ceiling and a stone spiral staircase. 

Listed on the AirBnb site, the property has been rented out at a cost of £ 150 and can  accommodate two guests at a time and boasts of a shared bathroom and a courtyard garden. The Lavenham village in English county is home to over 300 heritage properties that have also appeared in the films. In addition to enjoying a full English bed and breakfast, it gives guests an opportunity to be part of the story of the boy who lived So grab your wands and brooms, the wizarding world is awaiting you

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