PM Modis Man vs Wild Adventure Inspires Incredible Indias Theme

Incredible India adopts a wildlife theme for the next two months inspired by the popular episode featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Incredible India takes on a wildlife theme inspired by Narendra Modi's Man vs Wild episode
Incredible India takes on a wildlife theme inspired by Narendra Modi's Man vs Wild episode

Incredible India&rsquos website is no longer what it used to look like. Picturesque natural landscapes and views of India&rsquos national parks have replaced the typical spread of historical monuments and cultural landmarks. This change has come about in response to the highly anticipated episode of Man vs Wild featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi with host Bear Grylls that aired on August 12 at 9 pm. On the homepage of the website, one can see a display of the popular national parks in the country that highlight the diversity of wildlife in India. The wildlife theme adopted will be maintained for 2 months.

An international campaign launched in 2002, Incredible India actively works towards increasing tourism and encouraging more foreign nationals to visit the nation. The Man vs Wild episode was showcased on 12 channels of the Discovery network, across 180 countries. The exposure has been great media coverage for the natural sites of the country, particularly Jim Corbett National Park where the episode was shot. Needless to say, it is also the first site mentioned on the Incredible India web portal.

Along with its entertainingly adventurous content, the episode also highlights the importance of wildlife and environmental conservation. The viewers also saw Grylls and Modi rough it in the wild and discuss various aspects of the Prime Minister&rsquos life and career. The show has featured an array of powerful world leaders including former American President Barack Obama

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