Kerala Getting Ready To Put Best Foot Forward

Move over the floods, because the state definitely has. A cruise circuit, a focus on the Malabar region and infrastructural development are next on Keralas tourism agenda
Kerala is planning to increase foreign arrivals by 100 per cent by 2020
Kerala is planning to increase foreign arrivals by 100 per cent by 2020

Obviously, things took a beating because of the deluge that brought in great devastation, but trust god&rsquos own country to promptly spring back on its feet. In December last year, just a bit after the tragedy, Kannur International Airport began operations&mdashmaking Kerala the only state to boast four international airports. However, this move was to bring the world closer to the Malabar region of the state&mdasha place well known, especially for its Moplah cuisine (commonly referred to as Malabar cuisine), but barely visited despite its breathtaking beauty, wildlife, backwaters and unique culture.

Similarly, other north Kerala destinations will get the limelight too. B.S. Biju, Tourist Information Officer, Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala, spoke on the matter recently in New Delhi, &ldquoWe are organising the Malanad cruise circuit [in Wayanad] next. It will connect the waterbodies in that region. There will be boat services, water adventure activities. It is presently in the construction stage.&rdquo Indeed, this will be a great leap forward for the region.

The already operational Jatayu Earth&rsquos Center continues to launch new attractions and, as Biju said, &ldquoKovalam and Kumarakom may be very well known, but lack in terms of infrastructure&rdquo. Therefore, the department will work towards their development.

With a 2020 milestone to increase foreign arrivals by 100 per cent and domestic arrivals by 50 per cent, and a heavy focus on responsible and ecotourism (and making places disabled-friendly), maybe you&rsquoll find yourself visiting the state more often than ever before.

Finally, the goal will also be to create new destinations and promote village life experiences&mdashtour operators can recommend itineraries where visitors can derive a sense of local activities and lifestyles. Indeed, this will be beneficial for village communities. 

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