Zuta pocket printer

A portable mini-robotic printer that can connect to any device and print on any size of paper
Zuta pocket printer
Zuta pocket printer

A black teardrop of a robot, smaller than a teacup, to smuggle sweetly in your trenchcoat pocket. It talks to your phone, tablet, laptop over the wi-fi and scampers over sheets of paper to turn them into a printed page, one per minute. It doesn&rsquot even care what size paper you feed it, because it is designed to move over the surface to print. New and nifty from Zutalabs this year, this robotic printer is just over 10cm across, with an hour-long battery life, and weighs a mere 350g. Charges off a micro-USB point. Order now, and you will be among the first to leave your mark with it. ($199 (special offer of $50 off), zutalabs.com)

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