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On-the-go accessories that senior citizens who travel the world did not know they needed
These accessories will help every senior citizen travel easy
These accessories will help every senior citizen travel easy

The traveller&rsquos spirit knows no age. Whether you are out to live your retirement Eat Pray Love&nbspstyle or tagging along with friends for a Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara experience, there is always someplace new to explore. No matter where you decide on, it is imperative to plan your trips accordingly. Especially if you have certain needs and wants with growing age. From safety products to recreational commodities, these are 8 items you need to own if you are a senior citizen on the go.    

Universal Adapters

If technology is not your strongest feat, chances are you are still loyal to your out-of-date gadgets. Unfortunately, the changes in the technological space are rapid and you might have trouble trying to find the ideal outlet for your electronics. For this reason, it would be ideal to travel with a universal adapter. Whether you travel domestically or especially if you travel internationally, these adapters will save you the effort of trying to find a compatible plug in vain. Simply attach these adapters to your cables and any plug can now be used for charging your devices. 

Compression socks

People rarely think much about their socks. While on a trip, it is important to ensure that your health and well-being are in top form, especially your legs. It would be ideal to invest in a pair of compression socks that you could pull on whenever required or even just as preparation. There are various benefits of compression socks that are unknown to people. Apart from boosting circulation in your legs, the socks also soften any leg swelling and hypotension and prevent any potential venous ulcers. The socks are foldable and easy to carry and are extremely helpful for the travellers who are constantly exploring new places. 

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Folding Canes

Travelling by foot has ample advantages. The time helps you explore the lesser known parts of any place. It also gives you more time to soak up the view. If you are a senior citizen who is accustomed to a cane and wants to travel with one, replace your bulky one for a foldable cane that will fit right into your suitcase. With swift unfolding, you can prepare the cane for use anywhere you go.  

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Wrap Around Travel Pillow

We have all faced this situation We get on a plane (generally hoping to catch up on reading), fall asleep in an awkward position (our book is on the floor by now) and then wake up with an agonizing neck ache. Even with the traditional neck pillows, it is possible to slip into a strange angle and lose the promised effect. Instead, one can opt for a wrap-around neck pillow, a creative update to the typical accessory. These pillows ensure that your head is kept straight no matter what side your head leans. And since it wraps around your neck completely, there is no chance of tilting or dropping it. 

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Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

A universal problem is that of losing spectacles. This is especially dangerous when you are on the move. Magnetic eyeglass holders solve these problems by making sure the glasses are always on your person. Since the product is magnetic, it can attach to any fabric (it would typically be advised to attach it to your top) and make a small holding spot for your spectacles. You can then rest your frames on this magnetic spot and move around freely with no risk of losing them. You can also twist and turn as the accessory will hold your frames in place despite the motion and angle. 

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Anti-theft Crossbody bags

Safety is the number one concern, generally, when travelling to foreign places. As they say &lsquoIt is better to be safe than sorry&rsquo. Anti-theft crossbody bags are precautionary items to ensure all your valuables are close to your person and within reach whenever required. You can find these bags in various sizes. With slash-proof straps, multiple compartments and quality fabric, these bags are sure to keep your essentials safe with you.

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Ergonomic Luggage Handle

Heavy luggage can prove to have detrimental consequences on your body&rsquos health, especially if you have to lug it around for hours as you would on a trip. Ergonomic luggage handles deal with this problem and are a simple addition to your existing baggage. These add-ons are connected to a handle and can even turn 360 degrees. The handle helps one reduce the strain on the carrier&rsquos shoulders and elbow. Most of all, it helps extend a handle by a few inches so you don&rsquot have to hunch over to carry your luggage. 

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Item Locators 

It can prove tough to keep all your things organised when you are living out of a suitcase. There are certain items that seem stubborn to lose their way. Keys, phones and wallets just never seem to be where they are meant to be. Attach an item locator sensor to these items so that when you do lose them (we all definitely do), you can simply press a button on your receiver (remote/app) and follow the light and sound to the location of your products.  

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