The portable stool

Truss Me marries traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge design for its stool made of bamboo
The portable stool
The portable stool

Not your average portable stool, the Sangaru Design Studio seat is perched on the cutting edge of modern design. And yet, this single load-bearing frame &mdash the inspiration for (and part of) their Red Dot Design Award-winning collection, Truss Me &mdash uses the most traditional of material. Putting the high tensile strength of bamboo to great use, designer Sandeep Sangaru and his team of artisans from Tripura dig deep into the craft-making potential of the forested hill state. At first glance, it reminded us of the good old seat sticks at the races. But clearly, the challenge here is not just to (s)take your seat, but keep it too.

(Rs 2,500

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