The Mask You Can Run In

The mask is designed for comfort, style, breathability and protection
Representative image of a runner
Representative image of a runner

I usually go running at some ungodly hour in the middle of the night. The darkness is calming, the silence peaceful, and the lack of other people is a natural protection against the virus. Three stray dogs usually give me company while I run in circles (technically, squares) around the park. One of them is usually snoozing under the bushes and only lifts his head to acknowledge my panting presence every once in a while. The other two could be straight out of a romance novel running, jumping, toppling each other in and out of the sand pit. I like these dogs.

As luck would have it, the season changed and my dogs found a different park to slumber and play in. What replaced them was a being probably from the deepest pits of hell. From the outside he seemed like any other dog, but if you dare walk faster than a snail&rsquos pace around him, he&rsquoll make dinner out of your ankles. I could no longer run at the stroke of the midnight hour.

I thought of running early in the morning, before other people, but that never worked out on account of me hating mornings. I had to find a way to brave the humans. I tried running wearing a regular mask, but that felt like being choked underwater, and running without seemed an unnecessary risk.

That is, until I tried the ASICS running mask. Harmless in appearance, it&rsquos the design where the magic happens. The mask comes with attached pull tabs to adjust on you ears, and even around the back of your head to hold it in place. It is extra-ordinarily roomy, and the air vents in the bottom make all the difference in the world.

Off the face, the mask looks quite large, but the structured fabric wraps perfectly around your face and the toggle pugs hold it tight and snug in position, without suffocating you. The breathable fabric is comfortable on the face, and the semi-permeable mesh air vent helps stops you from repeatedly breathing in carbon dioxide.

There&rsquos no metal strip digging into the bridge of your nose, instead the fabric&rsquos design mimics the curve of the nose to sit in place. It&rsquoll keep you and all passersby safe as you run past them.

A couple of things to keep in mind, however, the mask is probably not suitable to wear out and about in public if you&rsquore not running. The air vents like take away some protection if you&rsquore standing stationary next to other people. Some people claim that you can drink water right through the mask without taking it off. I tried, and well, don&rsquot. As far as I&rsquom aware, the mask only comes in navy blue, which is fine for most, but I wouldn&rsquot be opposed to some quirkier options. Oh and wash the mask before using it because the chemical odour of &lsquonew things&rsquo can be a little nauseating while running

The ASICS Runners Face Cover (Mask) retails for Rs. 3,499 and can be ordered off of their website.

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