Podsquad The Dazzling Doodler

Keep your kids busy while travelling with this travel-friendly and fun learning programme
Podsquad The Dazzling Doodler
Podsquad The Dazzling Doodler

Abha Shahs brainchild, PodSquad is a travel-friendly and fun learning programme which comes in a neat box and is delivered straight to your doorstep in monthly instalments. Theres digital content too, which can be downloaded and used on an iPad or similar device. Geared towards kids aged 3-7, its based on Howard Gardners Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The key goal, they say, is to equip children with the right tools to achieve success in a 21st-century environment and to identify individual aptitudes at a young age. Now, which parent can resist that Every box has a theme like The Cool Chef, The Smart Detective, The Crazy Scientist and The Dazzling Doodler, with a new theme out every month. The Dazzling Doodler is packed with seven fun activities including a fold-out poster to put up. So, set free the artist in your child with wipe-and-clean doodle sheets imagination games draw-and-guess games and dot-to-dot fun. Psst, theres a plush toy too. 1,500 for Dazzling Doodler monthly subscription options too podsquad.in

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