Baby Bound Must-Have Travel Gear For Travelling New Parents

Dont fret at the thought of travelling with a crying baby. Be prepared with these essentials to ensure a stress-free vacation
Have a problem free trip with your family using these accessories
Have a problem free trip with your family using these accessories

Being a new parent is an incomparable challenge. And the hurdles only multiply when you need to travel with the infant. Bulky baby stuff has no place in comfortable travel. With the advent of smart travel gear, there is no need for bulky materials either. Simply switch your everyday baby products to these travel-friendly portable products for an efficient trip. Here is our list of must-have products that every travelling new parent must own

Silicone Bibs

Curries flying around, rice being swung and vegetables strewn about meal time with a child is never a clean affair. It is especially not a pleasant sight when one is in a new place at a nice restaurant. Don&rsquot fret. A product as simple and small as a silicone bib can come to your rescue. Cloth bibs require to be washed and dried and overall, are a lot more cumbersome to clean than silicone. Not only are they easier to clean but also come with a little pouch at the end to catch any mess that your child might make. Take a sigh of relief. 

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Neck Wallet

Multi-tasking tags along with the responsibility of a child. For parents of infants, it is hard to hold on to the baby while also picking out cash or their cards or even a pack of gum. Unless they are all neatly arranged in an easily accessible bag. That is why every new parent needs a neck wallet. A short bag with organised pockets, these wallets can keep all your essentials in one place close to your reach. This way, you have everything you might need in quick reach and do not require to hunt around in a big bag. 

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Toddler Headphones

It is every traveller&rsquos nightmare to be stuck next to a crying baby on a plane. However, being the parent of the baby is another problem altogether. Between managing the baby and apologising to people, it is impossible to enjoy the flight. Avoid the situation by making your baby comfortable with soothing music using kid-friendly headphones. These headphones have a cap to the decibel level and thus do not hurt the child&rsquos ears. Additionally, they block out ambient sounds, calming the toddler. 

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White Noise machines

Loud noises, towering buildings and a sea of unknown people travelling to unknown places can  be terrifying to even adults. One can only imagine the fear in the mind of a small child. Keep your child calm with a portable white noise machine. White noise machines produce soothing, familiar sounds so that the baby is not intimidated by the surroundings. These machines are extremely helpful while you are trying to get your child to sleep. Small enough to easily fit in luggage, this is an ideal travel accessory.

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Travel Nursing Pillow

An activity as intimate as breastfeeding should be comfortable at the least. On the go, people may make do with general bed pillows to rest a baby. However, there is a better mousetrap. Travel nursing pillows do not let the baby&rsquos head sink too low and are gentle to the touch. The rounded construction helps keep the pillow close to the mother&rsquos body and allows her to rest her arms while holding the baby. It also keeps the child&rsquos head lifted for easy access and are completely portable, making them easy to carry while travelling.

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Pop Pacifier

A pacifier is a common accessory used to keep a baby from crying, especially when they are teething. These pacifiers often slip a baby&rsquos mouth and fall on the floor. While you may sanitize it at home, it is tough to do so when you may in travelling, especially in public places. Invest in a pop pacifier. These are constructed in a way where the tip is instantly buried into a mushroom-like cover when it is dropped by a baby. Hence, you don&rsquot have to compromise on sanity just because of a busy schedule. Efficient and compact, the pop pacifier is an upgrade from the regular ones.

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Portable potty/ seats

When your travel time is a constant 40 hours, it is irrational to think that your baby can hold their excretion for hours like an adult. It is not only unhealthy but also unnecessary. Just carry around a portable potty for your child&rsquos convenience. These seats can be set down in any public place, campsite or even on the side of a never-ending highway. Simply add a plastic case and discard once your child is done. Travel size ones can be easily shoved into the trunk of your car or carried with your luggage. You can also get the seats to attach to a regular sized pot for a little child to sit.

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Portable high chair

It is difficult to have a family dinner at a beautiful restaurant when your tiny child&rsquos head is sunken under the table. Many restaurants have chairs designed for adults and thus, children may have a tough time trying to adjust to the height difference. If you get a reservation to a fantastic restaurant on your trip, you no longer need to compromise. Just carry a portable high chair so that you can go anywhere in the world and enjoy your meals together as a family. High chairs will help elevate the child onto your height level for easy access to food and conversation.

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