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Quench your thirst for fascinating art and culture at these museums around the world. Check out the world famous Louvre Museum in France or India's National Museums, there are options in abundance.
View of famous Louvre Museum with Louvre Pyramid at sunrise.
View of famous Louvre Museum with Louvre Pyramid at sunrise.

Are you a museum aficionado Well, we have the perfect list for you. Here are five museums around the world that you must visit. From the Louvre in France to the National Museums of India, these five Instagram accounts of museums are sure to wow you. 

The world&rsquos most-visited museum is probably the most Instagrammed as well. If you haven&rsquot been to Paris or Mus&eacutee du Louvre yet, fret not. Thanks to (@museelouvre), you will get a virtual tour of both The museum puts up pictures from their famed collection of artworks (their display image is of Mona Lisa, their most-prized possession) and pretty sights of the city. Not just pretty pictures, but the account draws attention to finer details one may have missed in the artworks&mdashintricate frames, unusual angles, striking colours&hellip the list is endless.

The Met Museum&rsquos Instagram feed (@metmuseum) reflects their intensive collection. Of course, nothing beats the experience of seeing such amazing exhibits live in New York City, but this is the next best thing. Whether Impressionist paintings, exhibits from Korea or WWI, they do it with panache and perfectly detailed captions&mdashnot too much, not too little.

Oft quoted as a museum &lsquoof the world, for the world&rsquo, British Museum&rsquos Instagram feed (@britishmuseum) has everything from ancient Roman mosaics to Japanese prints. They also love highlighting their popular exhibits and the architecture of the building. The account does a great job of curating and re-posting photos taken by visitors but at the same time, maintaining their aesthetic feed. Discover two million years of human history and culture with just a tap.

If you haven&rsquot discovered Rijksmuseum (@rijksmuseum) yet, we implore you do so. The feed combines classical art with modern life to create a distinctive style of its own. The line between where the Dutch masterpieces end and artsy photography begins is a blur be it workers adjusting a painting or a flurry of movement among the visitors. In this feed, the people are art too.

Not one to be left behind in the social media race, the National Museum&rsquos (@nmnewdelhi) feed showcases the treasures one can see there. To draw in more visitors, they also post about their latest exhibitions and workshops. From Banarasi brocades to disc stones from the 2nd-century BCE, the feed is a testament to the quality of their collection.

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