Holiday Essentials from SOTC

SOTC's Holiday Essentials website is a one-stop shop for all your travel accessories
Holiday Essentials from SOTC
Holiday Essentials from SOTC

Travelling is so much more than just picking a destination and hitting the road. Do we leave our essentials behind What is the foremost thing we do when it comes to travelling We pack. We prepare. We get out travel gears ready. There are certain things one must carry along while travelling and then there are those trying times when we can't figure out what is essential and what's not so much. SOTC is here to simplify that for us. And how SOTC has come up with its own line called Holiday Essentials, a range of travel merchandise of both well-known and reliable Indian and international brands. At present, the merchandise website has 70 unique products--from essential items like neck pillows to adaptors to backpacks. Gadgets like weighing scale, padlocks among many others, are also available. Indian and international brands like Tag8, Trekmates, Osprey and Nrit feature alongside SOTC's own Holiday Essentials and all these makes shopping for whatever we need possible under one roof. Check out the website here 

The website is extremely user-friendly and has four broad categories--Luggage, Accessories, Lifestyle Products and Passports & Wallets. SOTC's own Holiday Essentials products come in four categories as well--Safety, Comfort, Style and Combo Offer. Products range from weighing scale to locks to luggages. It's a one-stop shop for all your travel accessories

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