Gearbox The Best Of September

From a Bluetooth speaker that creates some loud noise to a pair of funky kicks to explore the world with, here's a hand-picked list of some of the best travel gear for you this month
Gearbox The Best Of September
Gearbox The Best Of September

Here is OT's latest hand-picked list of some of the best travel merchandise available. You're welcome

Bose SoundLink Micro

Sometimes, the smallest things create the loudest noise&mdashlike crickets and Bose&rsquos new SoundLink Micro bluetooth speaker. But more than that, we like the idea of its tear-resistant silicone strap, which allows you to attach it to your buckle, bag and anything else that can take the weight (all of 290.3g). Bose asks you take it along for adventure activities, and even drop it in the ocean&mdashif you fancy that&mdashwithout expecting it to go bust (courtesy its IPX7 waterproof rating). Even the exterior is silicone rubber, preventing most damages and dents. It has a wireless range of up to 30 feet, a six-hour battery life and the ability to give voice prompts. So you don&rsquot just listen to this one, it listens back. Pair it with the Bose Connect app, which will let you adjust the sound to your liking. So, you can&rsquot break it, you can&rsquot drown it you can, however, lose it. So don&rsquot, though your loss will be someone else&rsquos gleeful gain. @INR 8,990

Nirvana Being IDMask2

As pollution season in Delhi kicks in, fitness enthusiasts prepare to work out indoors. Nirvana Being&rsquos new pollution mask, though, may change their minds. An ergonomic mask for people engaged in sports, it has a three-layer design that captures particulate matter as small as 0.3 microns. It is light, with a shatter-resistant cover, replaceable filter and airtight, flexible silicon seal. It comes in three sizes (large, medium and kid) and three trendy colours (black, white and pink). (@INR 4,900

Lazyjojo Travel Collection

It isn&rsquot often we find canvas shoes that are fun and eccentric, designed specifically for the young at heart. LazyJojo offers printed canvas sneakers in various themes&mdashBollywood, doodles, music, cartoon, sports and lots more. But it is their latest travel collection that matches our wanderlust and excitement. Printed in quirky patterns (from autorickshaws to suitcases, beachwear to trams) and bold colours, their No Cabs Today, Around the World in 80 Days, For the Quintessential Globetrotter and Traveller&rsquos Delight are just few of the many prints that we love. And if you want to personalise your footwear, you can do so in just 15 minutes. Go to their website, choose your fit (high or low ankle), design your shoe, and have it delivered at your doorstep in just a week. (From @INR 1,600

Pee Safe Toiler Seat Sanitiser

&ldquoCan I wait till I go home&rdquo It&rsquos the question every woman asks herself when confronted with a dirty public washroom. More often than not, though, one ends up using the unsanitary toilet. Enter Pee Safe, a toilet seat sanitiser. The nifty, travel-size anti-bacterial spray banishes UTIs and other washroom-borne diseases. Shake the bottle and spray it on a toilet seat or any other area that you want to sanitise, wait five seconds, and you&rsquore good to go. Available in two different scents. (From @INR 120 for 50ml

Lapcare Reversible Powerbank

Chances are, if you have an Android phone with a USB type-C port or an iPhone with a lightning port and you use a powerbank, you need a different cable to charge your power bank (mostly an older micro-USB cable). Not so with Lapcare&rsquos reversible Li- Polymer 10000mAh powerbank (which can charge an iPhone 8 about five times). It has three different ports, and in case you have withdrawn more than you deposited from the powerbank, simply reverse your phone&rsquos cable and plug it in. (@INR 1,999

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