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From capturing your adventures on the latest GoPro to the perfect shoes, here is what you should keep in handy for your next vacation
Lapis Bard Leather Notebook Jacket
Lapis Bard Leather Notebook Jacket

Here are 5 things that you need for your next big adventure

Away Aluminum Edition

For all you soon-to-be Instagram jet-setters with some cash to spare, get your hands on the luggage line that&rsquos set the internet on fire. Away&rsquos new Aluminum Edition features not only a sleek, clean, modern design, but they&rsquore also smart suitcases equipped with bits and bobs that we may or may not need more on that later. The collection comes in four sizes&mdashCarry On, The Bigger Carry On, Medium and Large&mdashand four metallic colours silver, onyx, gold and rose gold. Truth be told, the look itself is worth every glam-shot, movie poster, lines in the toilet reference that&rsquos been made on the collection, but it&rsquos functional as well. The Carry On, for instance, comes with a name tag and laundry bag (cute), and the outer body is made of anodised aluminum, considered unbreakable (take notes, Titanic). Now on to the bits and bobs, the suitcases come with the usual suspects like TSA locks, self-positioning handles and 360° spinner wheels. They also, however, have an ejectable battery to charge your devices on the go, and you can even spring for the suitcase to be fitted with GPS-tracking to help recover if it&rsquos lost (From $475

Adidas SL20

This new lightweight design comes as part of the &lsquoFaster Than&rsquo campaign. The unique design of the shoe has a 3D-printed midsole equipped with Lightstrike technology for speed and movement. It features a torsion spring to give support on landing and propel runners forward, and is also made of continental leather to give maximum traction on all surfaces. This shoe really is made for speed. (From Rs 10,999

GoPro max 

This new 360° camera has got footage geeks around the world shook The Max plays the role of a single lens, a double lens 360, as well as a vlog camera with a shotgun mic and front-facing screen. HyperSmooth gives the camera great stabilisation along with impressive horizon levelling. With narrow, distortion-free linear, wide and superview lenses, it is also waterproof. (From Rs 47,000

Lapis Bard Leather Notebook Jacket 

Lapis Bard has introduced its new leather notebook jackets, which can elevate even the most basic of notebooks with four quirky colours&mdashblue, olive, Cognac, and Bordeaux&mdashwhere the boozy names do the talking. The jackets reign supreme with fine, full-grain tanned leather that is hand-furnished in a two-toned painting style reminiscent of da Vinci. This glitter might as well be gold because, on the inside, it is a functional paradise. Equipped to carry business cards, credit cards and cash, the jackets fit A5-sized notebooks with ease. (From Rs 3,500

Montblanc High Artistry

Take a trip to royal opulence with this new &lsquoCelebration of the Taj Mahal&rsquo edition with artistic influences from the Mughal dynasty. The collection features three super-exclusive pens. Stone cutting, hand engraving, enamelling and gold work depict scenes and motifs from the Mughal dynasty, especially the Shah Jahan era, on to the bodice of each piece. (Price on request) 

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