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An app that reveals the untold tales of Delhi and its heritage sites
Discover Delhi like never before with Safarnama
Discover Delhi like never before with Safarnama

Many might say that history lessons are becoming a thing of the past (pun intended). But we beg to differ. If you&rsquore a Delhiite, then in all probability, you are well-versed with the Capital&rsquos architectural heritage, and its inimitable grandeur that remains unscathed by the test of time. Chronicled time and again, the ancient monuments perfectly capture the past and present history of the city. And breathing a new lease of life into these structures is the Safarnama app. It contains images, text, newspaper cuttings and audio recordings that reveal untold tales of Delhi. The application uses GPS technology to pinpoint any heritage site nearby with a push notification, once you are within a &lsquotrigger-zone&rsquo. An Android-based app, it currently has two sets of curated trails based on the First War of Independence in 1857 and the partition.

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