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Travel Easy with CityBook
Travel Easy with CityBook

Let&rsquos face it, travel is not without its ups and downs. And some travel problems are ineludible. Be it getting lost in a new city or your plans falling apart, as the panic starts to rise, it throws your entire trip into disarray. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard in an alien city. Much to our relief,, one of the largest digital travel companies, launched a pilot project earlier this year. CityBook is a responsive digital guide that seamlessly combines planning tools like maps, navigation and experiences. The app focuses on assisting travellers once they&rsquove arrived at the destination. It includes recommendations for things to do, showcases local offers and discounts, and helps travellers get a feel of the city. It&rsquos said the features that roll out the best will make it to the core app. Launched in London, Paris and Amsterdam, more cities like New York, Barcelona, Berlin and Rome are scheduled to be introduced in the coming months. Available on both Android and iOS, once you&rsquove logged in, experience a city on your own terms. 

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