A Full-Fledged Guide to Hitchhiking

Learn the tips and tricks of hitchhiking in different nations on this website
A picture of hitchwiki.org
A picture of hitchwiki.org

DOUGLAS ADAMS GAVE us a hitchhiker&rsquos guide to the galaxy, but what if you want something that&rsquos a little more down to earth Hitchwiki is a one-stop website for hitchhikers with a lot of useful information, especially for travellers with snug pocket strings. A collaborative platform, it is all about the details&mdashfrom a realistic guide to hitchhiking in different countries, to the marker you should use for the best success rate with your signboard (a black sharpie, magnum size, for the record). Amateur hitchhikers can have details on everything at their fingertips&mdashfrom things to carry, safety tips for women, best beginners&rsquo routes, hitchhiking etiquette, and even legality in different areas. If that wasn&rsquot all, hitchhikers can even post about their forthcoming trips on the &lsquoevents&rsquo section of the website, and invite others on their journey if they wish. Go on, put your best hand-waving skills to use and flag down the next vehicle with flair. You&rsquove got this.

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