What To Carry In Your Bag When Youre a Travelling Photographer

No more compromising the perfect shot
These accessories make work easy for travelling photographers
These accessories make work easy for travelling photographers

Photography is a skill mastered by too many in this day and age. While everyone is in some way a photographer, there are some who have submerged themselves in the craft. These people have one thing on their mind the perfect capture. Even while travelling. However, carrying necessary camera equipment for this &lsquoperfect capture&rsquo is impractical, considering many tools are bulky. Switch out your complex tools for these simple solutions and turn your photography trips to an organised visit

Rolling Camera Bag

Though any photographer out there may be used to the bulky weight of a camera bag on their back, it feels a little heavier when you are in a relaxed travelling mood. Give your back a rest and purchase a rolling camera bag. Simply roll the bag as you would your suitcase. This makes it easy for you to carry your bag around on smooth terrains. However, there is no need to fret as the bags can also turn into traditional backpacks when the need arises on rough landscapes.
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Waterproof Camera

Photographers often have the stubborn dedication to bend over backwards (sometimes almost literally) to capture their ideal shot. This includes agonisingly traversing through rough terrains, passing through rains, wading in the water, sometimes standing dead centre in the sea. While, the first thing that comes to mind would be to not attempt such a stunt, it is a lost cause trying to draw passionate photographers away from their craft. Instead, we suggest you invest in a good waterproof camera. These cameras are unaffected by moisture and be carried along with you stress-free when strange inspiration strikes your idle mind. Additionally, it might just be a smart idea to keep them while travelling in case of silly mishaps. 

Travel Tripod

It&rsquos an awfully sad story to tell as a photographer when you have the perfect frame in place but cannot capture it because your camera was not stable enough. The studio space has the luxury of a tripod but travelling with one is a hassle. They can be bulky and take up too much space in your already spilling bags. Thankfully, there are many travel tripods on the market for you to choose from when the need arises to carry one. In fact, there are some that are conveniently small enough to even fit in a purse With these travel tripods, you can ensure that your frames are neat and not compromised upon due to a silly shaky hand. 
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Card Case

Let&rsquos face it. One thing photographers cannot live without (other than their camera of course) is a multitude of cards. Fumbling between 4-5 different cards in a single trip is no new task for committed photographers. Photos must be taken and data must be stored. However, travelling with a camera does not often leave time for you to try and sort out your cards in the middle of the street. The best thing to do in this case is to be organised. Invest in a card case. These card cases with hold multiple cards (some can hold up near to 12 cards). With a hard cover, these card cases will ensure that the cards do not get harmed. 
Brands easyCover, GoFree

Camera Cleaning Brushes/ Pen

Travelling with a camera entails taking pictures in obscure settings, as previously discussed. The environment of the place you are in, could be dusty, humid or straight up dirty. While trying to take a good picture does make you learn how to tackle these situations, we are sure that a photographer at all times has cleaning materials on their person. There are unique camera cleaning brushes available that are not only easy to carry in your luggage but also provide an ideally thin tip to get the hard spots that may not have been cleaned thoroughly with a cloth.
Brands Lenspen, Nikon

Camera Rain Cover

If we&rsquove said it before, we&rsquoll say it again. Photographers will go through anything for that one perfect capture. Even stand dead centre in the middle of rain. We can hardly blame them for this. We are all guilty of falling in love with a picture taken in the rain. What can we say The trickling water creates a surreal atmosphere in these photographs. If you are a travelling photographer, ensure that you have a camera rain cover. These covers wrap around your camera and protect it from any dampness settling into its cogs. They fold to take only a few inches in your bag.
Brands Think Tank, Vortex

Phone Camera Lenses

It&rsquos nearly 2020. A crazy revolution has taken over the photography industry in the past two years. Phones have become the new DSLRs. With incredible quality and range, phones released in the past couple of years have flaunted enviable camera features. You can accomplish everything you could on a DSLR on a device you always carry with you. And clearly evident in the growing phone pictures being professionally used, people are not skeptical of using their phones instead of cameras. Now, you can buy filters that simply clip onto your phone and provide you with various effects. Use these lenses to enhance the pictures.  
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