Safety First Travel Essentials To Keep You Secure

These products will keep you and your belongings out of harms way
Ensure a safe trip with these unique products
Ensure a safe trip with these unique products

With the increasing #Wanderlust posts circulating the internet, travelling to offbeat countries in the world has become a common dream. In addition to exposure to culture, art, cuisine and the people, it is often overlooked that one is also vulnerable to crimes in an unknown land. The lack of information one may have of the place may lead to unfortunate situations. In such a scenario, we have compiled a list of travel gear that will help you keep your belongings and safety intact when in a foreign country (or even in your own)

Smart Luggage ID

Your luggage is all you have of ourself in a new place. There is no need to emphasise its importance- we are all aware of that. But what happens when you are solo travelling and crave a short nap at the airport or on a bench. Luggage, departure. Regret, arrival. Avoid any loss of belongings by keeping a track on your luggage with your phone or the brand&rsquos website (there is no chance you risk the loss of that). With a smart luggage tag, you can track the location of your luggage through your phone and make sure you don&rsquot lose your essentials. 

Popular companies include Spytec, Vozni and GEGO.

Lock Bracelet

Despicable Me 2 had my jaw dropping on the floor when Lucy pulls out her lipstick and then tases the bad guys. The thought of such a simple accessory turned into something so useful, made me want my own version. While it might not cater to your spy fantasies, a lock bracelet is an essential for all those who wish to keep their bag secure at public places. The pretty accessory can be wound around the wrist and then used as a lock to fasten any luggage around any sturdy rod, chair or seat. 

Lori Greiner sells these on QVC.

Slash Proof Bag

Street markets are enticing to scour with their novelty products, aesthetic and bustling spirit. However, amidst the raging crowds, one can never pinpoint when their bags might be slashed and their contents stolen. To protect yourself from such mishaps, invest in a slash proof backpack that endures the violent strikes of any knife a thief might use. 

Popular companies include Loctote, Pacsafe and Travelon.

Money Holding Belt Buckle

Money is always a concern when it comes to carefree travelling. Our hands instinctively keep patting down our pockets and bags to ensure our hard-earned money is not with someone else. Why not hide your money creatively in an item no one thinks to steal A belt buckle A card holding belt buckle can help you keep your debit, credit cards and cash tightly around your waist and ensure safekeeping.

Popular companies include Wallet Buckle.

Solar powered light

City travelling almost always command a taste of the nightlife. However, it is often the case that one might have to pass a dimly (or not at all) lit path. In such a case, echoing sounds and lurking shadows may not be conducive to your night of fun. Keep your path well lit with a solar powered light. Just keep the light well charged during the day, no need to match any plugs with the outlets. The product is also an camping essential.

Popular brands to consider are Havells, Qualimate and Greenlight Planet.

RFID Blocking Card

Safety is often thought of in a very logistical sense. With the constant advancement of technology, one can lose their belongings virtually as well. Many hackers can now obtain your personal information by simply walking past you and collecting the data on your card. Keep yourself safe not only from those who can steal off your person, but also those you might not suspect at all with a data protection card that you can slip in your wallet along with your payment cards. The card keeps your data protected so that it is no longer vulnerable to cyber crimes. 

Popular brands to consider are Signal Red.

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