Festive Edition 25 Perfect Gifts for Friends Who Love to Travel

Looking for something special for your favorite frequent traveller We found the best gifts, and are spoiling you for choice with these
These gifts are ideal for gifting to friends who like to travel
These gifts are ideal for gifting to friends who like to travel

While many talk about Christmas being a time for cheer and festivities (which it is), it is hard to deny that it is the gift-giving and receiving most people look forward to. If you have tfriends with some serious wanderlust, try our list of travel-friendly gift ideas

Scratch off world map

This is for your friends who love to travel internationally. A poster of the world map, all countries on it are painted to function like scratch off cards. Once someone visits a country, they can scratch off that nation on the poster and keep track of every country to which they have travelled. 

Travel books/Guide books

If you are aware of where your friends aspire to travel, buy them a travel book or guide book to that destination. This way they can learn more about the place and its culture and fix themselves an itinerary.

Cute luggage tag

It is very important to be able to identify your luggage at an airport or any public place. Often times, you will find many similar-looking bags. A distinctive luggage tag is an ideal gift for a traveller friend. You can customise it to show off their personality and make their baggage easily identifiable. 

Smartphone lens

Another photography jig, a smartphone lens adds filters and effects to the ordinary photographs you can take on your phone. You can attach it like a clip to the camera and experiment with some cool effects.

Travel board games

It can get boring if one is travelling for hours. Travel-sized board games are great to keep you company wherever you go. There are many games that are small enough to fit in one&rsquos bag without taking much space.

Travel subscription box

Subscription boxes are a great way to receive (or in this case, gift) a varied palette of products. You can buy your friends a year-long subscription plan and they will receive a new gift every month 


As an avid reader, I love to carry my books everywhere which makes my luggage cumbersome. Help your travelling friends out with an e-reader which is slim, compact, easy to carry and yet can store dozens of books.

Reusable water bottle

To ensure that your friend is a responsible traveller, you can gift them a reusable water bottle that can be refilled to avoid having multiple plastic bottles end up in a landfill or the ocean.

Packing cubes

If your friends find it difficult to pack in a compact manner, this is the gift for them - packing cubes in different sizes in which one can pack particular items. You can use one to store dirty clothing too.

Magnetic globe

A magnetic globe is another way to keep track of the countries and places you have visited. You can simply add a magnet to the place that you have already been to and check on your progress whenever you wish. 

Handy travel pillow

Sore necks are a common side effect of dozing off on an airplane. Get your friends a handy neck pillow. There are many that allow proper support to the neck to avoid any injuries or pain.


Adventurous travellers often find themselves in locations where visibility is not particularly high. Especially those who indulge in night trekking, scaling a mountain and mountain biking. For these people, a headlamp is a very functional addition to their travel kit. One can use it to increase visibility in the dark.

Mini printer for photos

Photos are an everyday affair nowadays, thanks to technology and social media. Secondly, it is understandable that many people like to document their travels. Your photogenic friends will appreciate a mini printer with which they can instantly access a physical copy

Dry shampoo

Travelling for days, sometimes in the no-luxury outdoors, can prevent travellers from having a bath every single day. Dry shampoo is the ideal gift for your friend who is a rugged traveller. It keeps the hair fresh and oil-free with a simple spray on the roots.  

Power bank

Being on-the-go can be hectic and not allow for people to regularly charge their phones. A handy power bank is simple to carry, affordable and keeps additional charge in store when required. This is especially a good idea when there are security concerns involved.

Travel backpack

Gone are the days when people lugged all their belongings in massive suitcases and trunks. Smart travelling is the key. Travel backpacks are convenient and effective when you want to pack light and compact.

Travel journal

It is easy to forget the details of experiences while travelling. A travel journal will help one to not just document their experiences but also pen down goals and aspirations related to travelling.

Ergonomic luggage handle

Handling suitcases everyday can cause acute or chronic pain in the shoulder and neck. A simple addition to your luggage handle will help solve this problem. An ergonomic lugagge handle adds a few more inches to the original handle and eases pressure on the shoulder.

Digital luggage scale

Overweight luggage is the bane of a traveller&rsquos life. Traditional weight machines are hard to handle whereas digital luggage scales are simple to attach to any luggage handle and can detect weight more precisely.

Personal water filter

Eco-friendly travel is vital in these times of global warming and climate change. Water bottles are one of the most frequent items to end up in landfills. A smart thing to gift would be a personal water filter. This is a small tube-like filters that can be added to a water bottle.  

Portable tripod

Photography and videography has become more than just a hobby today. Many bloggers and travellers depend on it for their livelihood. A portable tripod can easily be stashed in a handbag and set up wherever required during travels.

Pet carrier backpack

This is solely for those who love their pets and wish to travel with them. You can carry pet carrier backpacks like a normal backpack, with your pet cosily enconced in it.   

Travel first aid kit

Safety first. No matter what the situation. One cannot predict what might happen while travelling so it is rather wise to always have a travel first aid kit on their person to ensure basic medical attention when required. Please ensure your traveller friends have at least one of these. 

Noise cancellation headphones

Sometimes while travelling, people can find&nbspit difficult to get significant alone time. There is always some bustle and noise around. Noise cancellation headphones are ideal for when one wants to get away from the crowd, mentally. 

Collapsible cups and bottles

This is another gift for those who wish to pack smarter. Collapsible cups and bottles are easy to store and compact. You can extend it when you need to use it. This is especially great for people who have children

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