How To Order Up The Best Holi Party in Bengaluru

Throwing a Holi party this weekend Here's some help
How To Order Up The Best Holi Party in Bengaluru
How To Order Up The Best Holi Party in Bengaluru

The Local Ferment Co, a micro-brewery and kitchen making all things probiotic in Bengaluru, has launched portable party kegs. Go ahead and host the coolest Holi party this weekend with these.

They can send the ultimate party kegs with 5ltrs of your favourite beverage(s) of choice. With kombucha, shrub, jun and shrub sodas on tap, Bengaluru knows how to party. After all, what's Holi without bhang and booch They are offering free delivery and pick-up and crazy discounts at Rs2,500.

You can also order The Cocktail Kit at Rs900. It is a&nbspbartender&rsquos kit like no otherwith three of their best shrubs, a recipe card, dehydrated garnishes. Also available with 330ml cans of non-alcoholic IPA or a 350ml bottle of non-alcoholic rum or a 350ml bottle of non-alcoholic gin. Great for your house parties.

Or pick up a bunch of their Raspberry, Orange & Ginger Shrub  - an all natural cocktail mixer (Rs290).&nbspThe fusion of raspberry and ginger with a hint of citrus from an orange is the crowd favourite. Best paired with gin and vodka or to amp up your experience of the forgotten Clover&rsquos club cocktail. Great to glaze your flaky pastries or pour a glug or two on your favourite fresh cheese dessert, we suggest you go adventurous.

Go ahead and get the best kit for this festive occasion to stir up some amazing cocktail.

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