Next Time, Add Full Moon Tour To Your Rajasthan Itinerary

History buffs have long loved this state for its glorious past. Now, Astro-nerds find a reason too
Rajasthan Govt. sets up astro-tourism camps in 33 districts
Rajasthan Govt. sets up astro-tourism camps in 33 districts

Rajasthan&rsquos royal past and vibrant culture make it an enchanting destination for tourists worldwide. The state has something for all travellers&ndashthe leisure lover, adventure seeker, or history buff. But if you thought forts and dunes were all the state had in store for you, then the State government&rsquos newest venture adds another reason for planning a trip to the land of the Kings. 

A Starry Affair

After being one of the first states in India to launch Astro-sky Tourism, Rajasthan adds another first to the list with its newest venture, Full Moon Tourism. Under this initiative, launched by the state government, travellers can witness the state&rsquos galactic beauty in addition to the alluring palaces and forts. Even though Rajasthan has previously been quite a popular spot among stargazers and Astro-lovers, this venture adds to its credibility. 

What It Holds 

So far, the state government has set up camps across 33 districts, out of which four are located in the pink city&ndashthe Amer Fort, Jantar Mantar, University of Maharaja,&nbspand Jawahar&nbspKala Kendra. As per reports, the state government has also sanctioned the purchase of  38 telescopes to be installed in the camps. This means that, soon, you will be able to sign up for exciting events like astrophotography workshops and stargazing sessions. 

Experience It Here

This magical experience isn&rsquot just limited to the desert, but can also be enjoyed in Delhi, as one telescope is set to be installed in Bikaner House as well. But if you&rsquore planning to head to Rajasthan anyway, we suggest heading to places like Jaisalmer, Mount Abu, Barmer,&nbspor Sariska, especially during the Autumn or Spring months to explore the best of what the night sky has to offer.  

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