New Orchidarium in Shillong Boosts Tourism in Meghalaya

Brush up on your botany with the eclectic mix of orchids at the India Orchidarium and Botanical Garden
Various species of orchids can be spotted at the Orchidarium (Representative Image)
Various species of orchids can be spotted at the Orchidarium (Representative Image)

Your orchidelirium is about to hit a new high. The northeastern state of Meghalaya opened a state-of-the-art orchidarium in Upper Shillong this summer. Blessed with a favourable climate the state is home to 300 species of orchids and the decision to add an orchidarium came in the face of promoting eco-tourism.

The Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development responsible for the orchidarium sees the construction as a stepping stone to popularise and raise interest to preserve the fragile ecosystem of the region. Their future plans include setting up multiple orchid production units across the state and to provide training for the unemployed to develop orchid based bio-entrepreneurship.

In order to preserve the flora and fauna in the region, a popular religious myth exists. As per the myth, all the plantation is considered sacred and disturbing it supposedly brings misfortune. This new unit contains more than 20 different species of orchids brought in from neighbouring states and other countries such as, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and England. Among the rare species on display are the insect-eating pitcher plant, wild citrus and pygmy lily.

Located alongside Ward Lake, the India Orchidarium and Botanical Garden, has already become a popular tourist attraction. The spot has been a source of delight to all nature enthusiasts. Besides, is a mini aviary with a collection of colourful and exotic birds&rsquo species. Visitors can spend a few hours strolling through the garden. Centrally situated, the site is easily accessible from all parts of the city.

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