Nepal To Cap Number Of Climbers On Everest

Nepal issued 381 permits this year and has been criticised for the same
Climbers at Everest
Climbers at Everest

After massive overcrowding at the Mount Everest this year, Nepal has decided to make a few changes for those aiming to climb the Everest. This year 11 deaths were reported on Mount Everest, out of which nine were on Nepal&rsquos side and two of them on Tibet&rsquos. 

Initially, there was no cap on how many people could climb each year, and accessing a permit was not a task. Climbers didn&rsquot necessarily have to show proof of climbing experience to scale the mountain as well. 

According to the BBC, a report by a panel advising Nepal&rsquos government, proposed that applicants who aim to climb the Everest must already have climbed a Nepali peak of at least 6,500m (21,325ft). They should also have to provide a certificate of physical fitness, and employ experienced guides as well. The panel's report also proposed a fee of at least $35,000 (&pound29,000) for those wanting to climb Everest, and $20,000 for other mountains higher than 8,000m, it added. 

The current fee stands at $11,000 and allows inexperienced climbers to scale the Everest too.

According to ANI, &ldquoIn order to make the summit safer and to acclimatize climbers vying for Everest Summit or peaks above 8,000 meters they must be made to climb any peak in Nepal that are above 6,5000 meters,&rdquo the committee has suggested. 

The committee also suggested that the government should make one Nepali guide with basic or advanced knowledge on an expedition to go along with the climber for the summit. As per the report submitted the helper would also require to have basic and advance training from an institution along with a record of successful ascend of at least one peak inside Nepal above 7000 metres. But the guide who will be going with the Mt. Everest ascenders must climb one summit above 8,000 metres in order to be fitted to perform the role.
&ldquoAll climbers wanting to scale Everest or other peaks of Nepal are welcome with confidence, sense of security and completing the criteria. The Government of Nepal would oversee the management, ensure security, insurance and other issues,&rdquo said Yogesh Bhattarai, Tourism Minister of Nepal. 

The panel includedgovernment officials, climbing experts and climbing community agencies. The Nepali government issued a record breaking 381 permits this season and faced criticism for the same. 

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