Don't Carry Your 500-Rupee Notes To Nepal

In a new move, Nepal has banned the circulation of all Indian rupee notes above Rs 100
Don't Carry Your 500-Rupee Notes To Nepal
Don't Carry Your 500-Rupee Notes To Nepal

Nepal has always been a really convenient destination for Indian travellers, especially because of its proximity and its no-visa policy for Indian citizens. What&rsquos more, they even consider the Indian rupee valid currency, in addition to their Nepalese rupee With a new ruling, although, travel to the country may see a dip as they ban the usage of all Indian currency above the denomination of @INR 100. That means that all the @INR 200, 500, and 2000 notes would now be deemed illegal if used in Nepal. All currency lower than @INR 100 would remain valid.

The move is said to impact the number of Indian tourists in Nepal, who would earlier travel within Nepal for the ease and convenience of the currency. The tourists will now see a dip with this new policy. According to reports, the new law has been introduced to battle the counterfeit of high currency notes that would take place in Nepal. Even after demonetization, there was a lot of old @INR 100, @1NR 500 notes which were still stuck in Nepal, as per sources. 

The next time you're travelling to this bordering country, just remember to keep the higher denomination notes at home It might just land you in trouble.

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