NASA To Build The First 'Space' For Rent

This idea of a co-working space or a vacation is nothing like youd imagine it to be
The International Space Station over planet Earth
The International Space Station over planet Earth

In a one-of-its kind experience, NASA now has official plans to bring forward its first commercial use space which will be attached to the International Space Station. 

The work on the commercialisation of space, called the &ldquolow-earth orbit economy&rdquo has been underway for the past couple of years by NASA. The space agency has selected Houston based Axiom Space to provide the first habitable commercial modules. This project is aimed at fostering the growth of a robust low-earth orbit economy which meets NASA&rsquos long-term needs in the low-Earth orbit. 

According to a press release by NASA, developing commercial destinations in low-Earth orbit is one of five elements of the plan to open up the International Space Station to new commercial and marketing opportunities. The other elements of the five-point plan include efforts to make station and crew resources available through a new commercial use and pricing policy enable private astronaut missions to the station, seek out and pursue opportunities to stimulate long-term, sustainable demand for these services, and quantify NASA&rsquos long-term demand for activities in the low-Earth orbit.

According to media reports, Axiom plans to offer commercial getaway to space by allowing people to visit the orbit for work or pleasure. Initially, the people will be sent to the International Space Station and its own attached modules.

&lsquoThe agency will continue to need low-Earth orbit microgravity research and testing to enable future missions to the Moon and Mars, including the arrival of the first woman and next man on the Moon with the Artemis III mission as part of the agency&rsquos Artemis lunar exploration plans,&rsquo added the release. 

The commercialised real estate could be ready for visiting as soon as 2021. 

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