Here Is What The Earth Would Look Like If All the Oceans Dried Up

NASAs video is an eye opener
A 3D illustration of a dried up Earth
A 3D illustration of a dried up Earth

Climate change is real and escalating faster than we think. The issue of water scarcity and ground water depleting is not unheard of. NASA latest revelation about how the earth would look like if oceans dried up is a real eye-opener. 

The video shows a scary foreseeable future of how the planet would look like with no water on its surface. In 2008, Horace Mitchell from NASA made a video which revealed three-gifts of the Earth&rsquos surface, currently covered by oceans. The current video, remade by Dr. James O&rsquoDonoghue, a planetary scientist with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, is a remake of the one released in 2008. 

The current video boasts a higher resolution and slower animation to see the effects better. It clearly reveals what lowered sea levels would mean. As and when the sea levels were lowered, more and more land was visible, so much so that the United Kingdom and Ireland appeared to be connected with mainland Europe at some point. 

Apart from that Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam also seem to be connected when sea levels drop down further. 

According to media reports, NASA, by removing some of the water, tried to give a glimpse as to how the planet was like for our ancient ancestors. As scientists removed more water, some of the large mountain ranges which are covered by the ocean got visible. However, it was revealed that another 5,000 metres of sea level have to be decreased to expose the entirety of the Mariana Trench &ndash the deepest point on the planet.

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