The Vatican Museums Reopen for Tourists

Home to age-old masterpieces by Michelangelo and other famous artists, the Vatican museum opens their gates to tourists after lockdown
The museums house sculptures and artworks from the Renaissance period
The museums house sculptures and artworks from the Renaissance period

After staying shut for 88 days, the Vatican Museums in Vatican City have opened their doors to local crowds from February 1, 2021. The museums are home to centuries&rsquo old artworks that range across themes like art, history, and faith. 

In March 2020, the Vatican had announced stringent restrictions on entry into public places due to the pandemic.

Permission to open its museums, which helps to bring the revenue for filling the coffers, was provided in early June last year. It was a celebratory moment until the city went into a lockdown again in November.

The museums are spread over seven kilometers within the Vatican and employ up to 700 people. They house the famous Sistine Chapel, Borgia Apartments (a suite used by the influential Borgia family in 1503), a marble masterpiece called Laocoon which dates back to the 16th century, and many others that have been restored by the museum staff. 

During the lockdown, the museum authorities had decided to connect with their potential visitors through innovative social media campaigns and consistent Instagram posts. From holding a one-day virtual conference on the future of museums post-pandemic to sharing short video clips of the editorial and restoration process of its items, the Vatican Museums continued to work smoothly despite the closure.  

The museums in Vatican City are now welcoming tourists (right now, locals) every week from Monday to Saturday, provided they have completed the required online reservations. 

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