Mumbai Airport's Single-Use Plastic Free Initiative Gets Global Recognition

Mumbai Airport has earned the highest rating in the "Over 35 million passengers in Asia-Pacific" category
Mumbai Airport, Photo Courtesy CSMIA
Mumbai Airport, Photo Courtesy CSMIA

Sustainability has become a restorative practice in the aviation sector. From bio-fuels to eliminating single-use plastics, airlines have taken several initiatives to propagate eco-tourism.

In line with the ethos of sustainability, Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has been bestowed the prestigious platinum rating in the 'Over 35 million passengers in Asia-Pacific' category.

As part of the Green Airports Recognition (GAR) Programme 2023, 12 Asia-Pacific and Middle East airports have been recognized for outstanding accomplishments in their sustainability projects.

Setting a new benchmark in sustainable operations in India, Mumbai Airport's recognition also reflects its ambitious mission to become one of the first airports to eliminate the use of Single-Use Plastic. The Airports Council International (ACI) Asia-Pacific award confirms the airport's efforts to create an eco-friendly future with a world-class experience.

Sustainable Initiatives By Mumbai Airport

The airport has installed Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) in its terminals to promote plastic recycling. These machines encourage passengers and the airport community to recycle plastic bottles, contributing to CSMIA's goal of achieving zero waste to landfill. The airport has also curated the 'Single-Use Plastic (SUP) Free Airport' project to eliminate single-use plastic effectively. By fostering a culture of responsible consumption and engaging with various partners, the airport successfully implemented measures to eliminate single-use plastic, emphasizing the crucial role of education and guidance in achieving this significant milestone.

Other initiatives include the airport's bid to eliminate plastic in its day-to-day operations without compromising convenience for passengers and employees. One notable initiative is using biodegradable alternatives, which effectively replace plastic items. These sustainable options facilitate a seamless transition while upholding the airport's commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

 What is Green Airports Recognition Programme

The Green Airports Recognition&nbspProgramme&nbspemphasizes the need to combat the harmful effects of single-use plastic pollution, specifically focusing on the aviation industry. Mumbai airport's recognition is a testament to its dedicated efforts in creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for the aviation sector. 

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