MUJI Hotel Opens in Ginza, Tokyo

The one of a kind 'anti-brand' and 'anti-cheap' MUJI hotels now opens its doors in Ginza, Tokyo
Interiors of a room at the MUJI hotel in Ginza
Interiors of a room at the MUJI hotel in Ginza

After the two openings of the Mujirushi Ryohin Hotels (Internationally known as Muji) in Shenzen and Beijing, the third one is open in Japan. Ginza in Tokyo is the latest address.

Running on the concept of &ldquoanti-gorgeous&rdquo and &ldquoanti-cheap&rdquo, the hotel provides a certain balance to travellers and tourists exploring the busy and lively city of Tokyo through the day and night as they are reasonably priced and minimalistic in design. Usually one has to choose between the high-end luxury hotels or cheap motels in one of the most expensive cities of the world if one is a budget traveller.

Giving customers the MUJI experience with its iconic homely brand products like their house slippers and toothpaste follows a completely contradictory concept of anti-branding which still does end up in their favour and no one is complaining. The flagship store has two&nbspgalleries, a salon, a library, and a lounge along with a diner to satisfy every need of a traveller.

MUJI Hotel, Ginza occupies the 6th-to-the-10th&nbspfloors of the MUJI global flagship store building in Ginza and has 79 rooms. They were built focussing on sustainability and thus features recyclable materials. With nine suites on offer and complete with a reading nook and a wooden bathtub, this hotel is bound to be an attractive proposition for people from across the world.

The tariff is about 15000 yen per night and the rates are fixed throughout the year, irrespective of surge or drop in seasons. The cost isn&rsquot particularly cheap considering their motive and their concept of &ldquoanti-cheap&rdquo but, situated in the heart of Ginza, the prices aren&rsquot really unreasonable. 

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