Delta Introduces More Women-Led Content on Their In-Flight Entertainment Channels

For this venture, US-based Delta Airlines has partnered with ReFrame, an organisation dedicated to improving gender representation in the film industry
An in-flight entertainment screen (Representative Image)
An in-flight entertainment screen (Representative Image)

ReFrame a non-profit organisation working towards a gender- balanced film industry on all levels, and advocating for women behind the camera, has teamed up with US-based Delta Airlines, to push women led and made entertainment on its flights. 

The organisation is solely dedicated towards improving gender representation in the film industry, and has partnered with the airlines to create in-flight movies, channels, and air content that has received the ReFrame Stamp. The stamp is accorded to projects that hire individuals who identify with the female gender,  in at least 4 of the 8 key roles including writer, director, producer, lead, co-lead, speaking parts, department head, and the crew. 

The new inflight entertainment channels will be launched in February 2020. As per reports, the co-founders of ReFrame stated &ldquoWe believe diverse, impactful stories from artists around the world will help us connect to new perspectives and drive meaningful dialogue.&ldquo The titles that will be available on the new in-flight entertainment channels include &ldquoThe Farewell&rdquo, &ldquoLate Night&rdquo, &ldquoBookSmart&rdquo, &ldquoKilling Eve&rdquo, &ldquoQueen Sugar&rdquo, &ldquoLady Bird&rdquo, &ldquoOcean&rsquos 8&rdquo and many more. 

As per the partnership, Delta airlines also plans to donate $100,000 in addition to the annual $125,000 to Women in Film, who formed the coalition in collaboration with Sundance Institute in 2017. 
The partnership between Delta and ReFrame was brokered by UTA, representative of the airlines.

Plans are underway to add more programming as more titles receive the ReFrame Stamp. 

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