Meet The Queens Of Egypt

At a never-seen-before exhibit, the female rulers of Egypt are given their time in the sun
Meet The Queens Of Egypt
Meet The Queens Of Egypt

A discussion on history is never complete without the mention of the Egyptian kings and Pharaohs. The queens of Egypt however, were lesser known until an exhibition recently. The National Geographic Museum in Washington DC took the initiative to highlight the most powerful women in ancient Egypt through its new exhibition.

Starting from the first queen of the New Kingdom to Hatshepsut one of Egypt&rsquos most successful pharaohs also including Nefertiti known for her incomparable beauty and Nefertari, the beloved queen of Ramses II, the exhibit lets the visitors get immersed in the daily life and afterlife of ancient Egyptians. The exhibit &lsquoQueens of Egypt&rsquo is in fact inspired by professor Kara Cooney&rsquos recently published book &lsquoWhen Women Ruled&rsquo emphasising on the power profiles of the ancient women leaders. 

You can walk among more than 300 ancient Egyptian artefacts such as the impressive sarcophagi and larger-than-life statues including the largest one of goddess Sekhmet depicted as a lion-headed woman seven feet tall and weighing 6000 pounds. The museum even lets you embark on a 3-D fly-through of one of the most lavishly decorated tombs in the Valley of the Queens.

The exhibition is open for public until September 15, 2019, and the museum is also planning many other events centred around the theme of Egypt that you can learn about on their website.

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