Worlds Highest Motorcycle Museum Succumbs to Fire

The structure hosted more than 230 iconic motorcycles, and a set of vintage cars including Ferraris and Porsches
The Mountain Crosspoint Motorcycle Museum
The Mountain Crosspoint Motorcycle Museum

Stationed at an elevation of 2,175 metres above sea-level, the world&rsquos highest motorcycle museum succumbed to a blazing fire at around 430 on January 18, 2020. The Top Mountain Crosspoint Motorcycle Museum, tucked into Timmelsjoch Pass, and sandwiched between Austria and Italy, was consumed by flames in the wee hours of the morning.

Inaugurated in 2016, and founded by Alban and Attila Scheiber, the museum housed a parade of collectibles reminiscent of bygone eras. Sprawled out across three thousand square metres, it hosted more than 230 iconic motorcycles, a set of vintage cars, and a number of replicas. A large proportion of its collection has been reduced to nothing.

According to reports, two of the museum&rsquos staff members were awoken by the sound of the fire alarm going off in the wee hours of the morning. By the time local fire fighters reached the site, the museum&rsquos false ceiling was engulfed in flames.

Despite the intervention of 60 fire-fighters, and the employment of snow-blowers and water-cannons, the structure had surrendered to the fire, and was at the precipice of utter destruction. Since the entire museum was made out of wood, all efforts were in vain. Not even one vehicle could evade the disaster.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire. The extent of the damage effected upon the museum hasn&rsquot been divulged yet. No casualties have been reported.

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