Man V/S Wild Saving Wildlife From Electrocution

An expert panel on wildlife led by the environment ministry has recommended certain safety measures to protect elephants and other wild animals from electrocution.
On an average, 50 elephants fall prey to electrocution every year in India
On an average, 50 elephants fall prey to electrocution every year in India

A quick google search will tell you about the number of animals that die every year of electrocution. From unnatural deaths of wild elephants in Golaghat to 20 cows being electrocuted in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, there have been several incidents of live wire electrocution, each headline more shocking than the other. The number of such fatal accidents is just increasing by the day. With rising concerns about the safety of wildlife, the environment ministry had appealed to the centre, earlier this year, to keep these ill maintained power lines at a safe distance from the natural habitat of endangered species.

Keeping this in view, the National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) led by Prakash Javadekar after much deliberation has decided to take certain measures to prevent animals from coming in contact with these hanging wires. This expert panel on wildlife has directed all power companies and state electricity boards to either replace the existing wires with insulated cables or bury the transmission lines underground or set up reinforced electric poles with spikes so as to prevent elephants from rubbing against them. The panel has also recommended dismantling solar - powered fences to prevent animals from going near potential sources of electrocution. 

&nbspAccording to the latest statistics, almost 50 elephants have died annually in the last 10 years. Tigers and wild elephants are among the primary targets of power line electrocution. 

The recommended plan, if implemented will not only reduce the human - animal conflict but also save hundreds of wild animals that die every year in such tragic accidents. 

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