MakeMyTrip Launches the MySafety Programme

MySafety programme is a one-stop guide to everything you need to know about travelling keeping health and safety as a priority
Travel safe without any worry
Travel safe without any worry

The idea behind MySafety is perfectly simple, taking into consideration the &lsquo3S&rsquo of travelling during a global pandemic sanitised environment, trained staff and safe practices. With these three factors controlled, travellers can indulge in their holiday without unnecessary anxiety. The app works closely with trusted partners to ensure hygiene and safety and, additionally, provides detailed (and latest) information on different modes of transport, hotels and activities. It also includes checklists that travellers can adhere to and lists the most recent government protocols to keep everyone in the loop. Pretty handy, we think. 

The MySafety programme is easy to navigate with quick videos, neat tabs and easy access to the booking features. For instance, under the &lsquoFlights&rsquo tab, travellers can read through airline protocols, airport protocols and traveller guidelines. For now, all privileges and guidelines are limited to travel within India. 

MySafety also acts as a security blanket travellers can opt for their breezy free-cancellation policies and make bookings without the hassle of pre-payment. They also have an easy date change policy. Whatever mode, destination or package you pick, MakeMyTrip&rsquos MySafety will go the extra mile and cover all bases for you so that you can truly enjoy your holiday. 

You can explore the MySafety programme on your browser or download the app on your Android or Apple device.    

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