Madhya Pradesh Govt to Introduce Women-Friendly Liquor Stores

So far, two stores in Bhopal and Indore each, and one store in Jabalpur and Gwalior have been announced
These stores will be present in malls and upmarket areas
These stores will be present in malls and upmarket areas

It's fairly common for women who go to a roadside liquor shop to feel uncomfortable or unsafe. To avoid this, the government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to introduce liquor stores or thekas that will ensure that women can buy liquor safely. So far, they have announced two stores in Bhopal and Indore each, as well as one each in Jabalpur and Gwalior. 

These stores will provide high-end liquor wine and whiskey that are popular amongst women, and will also be open markets for sale of expensive alcohol in the state. Malls and upmarket places are preferred locations as women will be comfortable buying liquor in those environments.

According to news reports, ICP Keshri, the additional chief secretary of the commercial tax department has mentioned that foreign brands currently not sold in the state will also be found on the shelves. But don&rsquot worry. There will be no additional duty excised on the brands since they will be brought to the country post payment of the same. The state government&rsquos aim is to increase revenue by 2,000 crore from excise in the year. The price of liquor is expected to shoot up by 15% from April 1, 2020. 

In a bid to promote locally-produced wine, the government will open 15 liquor stores in popular tourist places that will provide wines made from grapes in Ratlam and other regions of the state. Wine festivals will also be hosted by the government in Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur and Gwalior to promote these local wines. All the schedules of the above are expected to be finalised in April 2020. 

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