It's the Worlds First Cheese-Themed Hotel Room

For nine lucky people, things are looking pretty grate
Artist's impression of the suite, released by the hotel
Artist's impression of the suite, released by the hotel

Are you lactose intolerant, but can&rsquot resist the oozy allure of cheese Or are you a proper casein casanova, downing wheel after wheel in sandwiches, cheese boards and pasta Whatever be the situation, Café Rouge, a French bistro in Camden, London, will have you melting with their brie-lliant offer. 

Amid much fanfare, the restaurant is unveiling the world&rsquos first &lsquocheese-themed hotel&rsquo at the end of January 2020. Between January 29 and February 6, nine lucky guests will get the opportunity to stay in The Cheese Suite&mdasha  standalone room that will be one-of-a-kind, complete with cheese-themed bedding, wallpaper and furnishings. The hotel room will be located in an apartment complex, whose exact address will be revealed after February 6. 

It seems that they&rsquore a stickler for detail, as cheese board games, cheese soap, and even giant cheese installations are in store. You also get access to a cheese hotline delivery service that will deliver your favourite goodies, and a mini-bar stacked with&mdashyou guessed it&mdashmore cheese and wine. Also up for grabs is a &pound50 Café Rouge Gift Card that&rsquoll secure winners a meal for two at a time at a location of their choice. According to reports, the launch of the Cheese Suite coincides with Café Rouge rolling out their new winter menu. 

If you want to win a one-night stay here, fill out this form on Café Rouge&rsquos website by 1159pm on February 6, 2020. Winners will be drawn at random. Travel expenses and any other expenditure is not included in the package. 

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