La Piazza's wine bazaar introduced visitors to different wines from around the world
La Piazza's wine bazaar introduced visitors to different wines from around the world

A Toast to 25 Years of La Piazza

Amidst various other celebrations for their silver jubilee, La Piazza restaurant at Hyatt hosted a 10 day wine bazaar

Fine dining is never complete without a glass of wine to tie the dish together. And it surely doesn&rsquot get a lot finer than La Piazza&rsquos 25th anniversary celebration all year long. Post exclusive menus and shocking discounts, La Piazza stepped up their game with an extravagant yet classy 10-day wine bazaar at the restaurant. 

As I walked into the restaurant (my first visit there), I was enamoured by the sophisticated interiors. Wood panelled windows and rich brown wooden furniture dominated the space, the aesthetic complemented with large art frames. As I soaked in the elegant environment, I was thankful that I had switched my typical crumbling footwear for better suited heels.  

An envious selection of 30 delicious reds, whites and ros&eacutesfrom 9 different countries- including Valdivieso Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile, Merlot and Chardonnay from Italy, Chateau Lamouroux from France and Woodfired from Australia- were displayed in six sections along the lengths of the restaurant. Upon taking a tour, experts at each sectional guided us through raw materials, process of fermentation and finally let us judge the end result ourselves with a humble helping of the wine. The inhouse sommelier Viraj Sawant provided us with additional information, an interesting discussion for a wine aficionado such as myself. 

The most interesting find was the restaurant's own collector's wine La Piazza, in association with Fratelli wines. 

After the tour we all walked around with a generously filled glass of our choice - mine being the oaky red Woodfired- and helped ourselves to the delectable spread of cheese, fruits and cold cuts. Ham wrapped in juicy fruits, pork slices, freshly baked bread and aged pieces of parmesan, crumbly ricotta and blue cheese were stacked messily on our plates. Savouring the tart cheese cutting the light bitterness of the wine made for an unforgettable feast. At periodic intervals, the courteous staff brought more appetisers to our table.

A display of selected wines was present at the head of the restaurant, the collection will be available at all Hyatt outlets along with special menus. 

Later, all the invitees were gathered as the restaurant revealed the launch of their guestbook to encourage feedback and stories that customers wish to share.                            

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