Can this Campaign Take you Back to Korea

Korea Tourism Organisation has launched #TakeMeBackToKorea campaign for holidaymakers to wander in Korean reminisce
South Korea had received 17.5 million visitors in 2019
South Korea had received 17.5 million visitors in 2019

During the lockdown, people have been busy posting throwback pictures on social media and reminiscing about their past adventures.

Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) has tapped into this and come up with a campaign to inspire travellers during the lockdown. 

Urging travellers to think about having a good time in South Korea, KTO&rsquos #TakeMeBackToKorea campaign is a journey through the country via its many destinations. Think Instagram-worthy photos, from heritage monuments to traditional Korean cuisine, all making viewers look forward to a Korea trip.

The campaign showcase memoirs of popular YouTubers Kritika Khurana, Varun Vagish and Nitibha Kaul vacationing in South Korea, and their experiences in the Asian country. They flip through their travel albums, telling tales of adventures. The idea is to encourage travellers to think about the country when they plan their next trip out.

&ldquoIndia has always been a priority for South Korea and we are going digital to remain at the top of the traveller&rsquos mind," says Young Geul Choi, Director of KTO in New Delhi. "We have conceptualised #TakeMeBackToKorea to engage people across India and remind them about the beauty and uniqueness of travelling to South Korea.&rdquo

&ldquoOnce travel opens up, there will be a sudden demand for travel to places which not only entertain but provide a healing experience as well. With carefully, curated strategies in place, safety measures and abundant private locations to explore, we look forward to welcoming visitors to our abode soon,&rdquo he added.

Similarly, Prague City Tourism had come up with a &lsquoPrague Unlocked&rsquo campaign earlier last month, which turned out successful. As travel restrictions are being lifted around the world, online campaigns are taking off to&nbspencourage travellers to venture out again.

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