A Kit Kat Bar with a Dose of Whiskey Only in Japan

Love chocolates and whiskey Kit Kat just launched Scotch whiskey flavoured chocolates for the peak winter in Japan
The chocolate is aged for six months in whiskey barrels
The chocolate is aged for six months in whiskey barrels

In Japan, chocolate reigns superior on the palate. No surprises then that when popular chocolate brand KitKat decided to launch a truly experimental, new product, they decided to do it in Japan.

Kit Kat is known to experiment with flavours. In Japan, they are a bit of an obsession, with a variety of rather unique regional flavours, from cherry blossom and grilled potato to soybean and blueberry cheesecake. Now the brand has launched yet another one, a whiskey-flavoured bar.

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Kit Kat is known for special editions which are marketed under its own chocolate label. In Japan, the brand has a dedicated chocolatory in Shibuya for the making custom versions. Their new chocolate features cacao nibs aged for six months in the wooden whiskey barrels from Scotland's famous Island of Islay, home to the world&rsquos cult-like Scotch whiskey. They are rotated once a week to equally distribute the taste and aroma of the whiskey through the cacao nibs. Since they are rare and only available for the winter months, this luxurious chocolate edition will only be available in the winter.

The chocolate bar has a bitter, dense taste, with a rich, earthly note. Kit Kat has labelled them as 'adult chocolate' . The whiskey bars, priced at 300 yen a piece (or $2.90 a bar), are available online or at any of the Kit Kat&rsquos specialty shops in Japan. Though these delicacies may still be available only in Japan but rumours are that they might soon be marketed internationally.

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