Karnataka Cuts Institutional Quarantine to Half

The state's health infrastructure is burdened due to the increased number of incoming travellers
Institutional quarantine in Karnataka is now only for 7 days
Institutional quarantine in Karnataka is now only for 7 days

Travellers heading to Karnataka now have to undergo a reduced institutional quarantine period. The state government has decided that travellers from high-prevalence states who are asymptomatic can be discharged without a coronavirus test after 7 days from the facility. However, a medical check is required. 

The move reduces the mandatory quarantine for both international and domestic travellers to 7 days, as opposed to 14 days in an institutionalised&nbspsetup. The high-prevalence states include Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

Travellers will be allowed to leave for home after a thermal screening, which should read below 37.5 degree celsius and the pulse oximetry reading more than 94%. Travellers over the age of 60 and those with any co-morbidities will be clinically evaluated prior to being cleared to go home. However, they will be mandatorily home-quarantined for 7 days along with a hand stamp and entry in the quarantine watch app. This step has been taken to reduce the burden on inadequate health infrastructure. Travellers coming from states other than high-prevalence will be put under 14 days home quarantine and will be tested if they develop symptoms during this period. 

The state has also decided to do away with a total lockdown on Sunday and all activities will be allowed between 7am-7pm. However, a curfew is still in place from 7pm on Sunday to 7am on Monday. Earlier, the state had announced a total lockdown on Sundays to contain the movement of people and hence the virus. 

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